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Welcome to simple and affordable automated timekeeping.  Whether

you are seeking to learn more about our timekeeping services or to

obtain support information for your current service, PayrollHR offers a

variety of tools to meet your needs. 


“Best Value” – FlexClockZ711

The Z11 offers organizations a cost-effective timekeeping solution that collects employee data via an employee PIN and sends the data to the web in near real time (Ethernet). The Z11 also supports the option to record employee punches through a proximity badge card and a proximity key fob. (Learn More)

FlexClock Vx510/570

The FlexClock Vx510 and 570 are virtually identical units cosmetically, but differ slightly in how they are physically mounted at your location, whether you prefer a “tabletop” option (Vx510) or a “wall mounted” clock (Vx570). Both units offer the ability to record employee punches via a badge swipe with Ethernet connectivity in near real-time. (Learn More)

FlexClock Z14

The FlexClock Z14 is a plug and play device that supports mag-stripe badge cards, PIN number and barcode* card to record employee time punch data. Available in two separate models the Z14 offers the ability to integrate with certain third party barcode cards for employers already using this technology.

*Barcode slot sold separately.

Product Benefits:

Calculate Your Savings
Track actual minutes worked. Eliminate wasted labor minutes.

Cut Administrative Costs
Automate time tracking and eliminate administrative hours.

Increase Productivity
Pay employees for minutes worked only.  Eliminate late arrival and early departure.

Eliminate “Buddy Punching”
Prevent employee time theft.

Simple Online Editing
Log in from any workstation to easily manage data online.

Reduce Labor Costs
Dramatically reduce your cost of labor.

Simple Hardware Setup
Easily set up hardware in a matter of minutes.

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